Posted 20/01/2017 by Cinematoracle in Notable News

Powerless gets clips, B-roll & a Vanessa BTS interview

To really get a feel of Powerless’ tone and style, nothing works better than an actual scene. I think the show has an actual punch that has been missing since Happy Endings left the surface. Just a very funny workplace comedy, with a cast full of chemistry and a contagioys dynamic. Awkward situation humor, with very quirky dialogue and wonderfully times non-verbal fun. Keep your eyes on the facial expressions and non-verbal gestures of Hudgens. Powerless will be a treat.

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Breaking through cinema one movie at a time. Aesthetics above all, Antonioni, Malick & Godard are the G.O.A.T.s. I have a gargantuan soft spot for Vanessa Hudgens. Benoit Debie = THE cinematographer. Don't make war, make art.