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‘Suicide Squad’ review: third time isn’t a charm



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Suicide Squad is coherent. Margot Robbie is a treat. Fun and humor works when it's there.


Sloppy writing and directing. Action sequences are not so good.

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DC comics reboot of it’s universe hasn’t been without problems and Ayer’s Suicide Squad was left with the task to give this universe the reboot is desperately needs, but also these group of DC comics villains are not up to this ungrateful task. Upside is however that it’s a huge upgrade compared to it’s DC predecessor ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice’, however that had a lot to do with how really BvS really was and the biggest progression Suicide Squad gives us is that they found theirselves some coherence. Yaaay.


Ayer understands the popularity of Harley Quinn as a character and grants Margot Robbie to be the true star of Suicide Squad and she delivers the goods. In a playful and teasing way she knows to establish the tone of what the movie should be. Naturally light-hearted, fun and edgy and she really does a terrific job at it. She displays a self-conscious witty style of line delivery coating it with Quinn’s sexy and naive personality. Robbie just makes a more sexy than crazy Quinn, where the Quinn we all know it’s the otherway around, but that’s perfectly fine. She is perfectly supported by her Squad mates, where Smith and Davis get the most opportunities to shine. The cast is not the problem, but the messy writing and direction is.


With a cast having a superstar who easily carries the load and supporters not missing a heartbeat and such a light-hearted and fun tone it shouldn’t be a problem that the narrative is thin, shaky and lacks a lot of credibility? Not exactly. Ayer resorts to comic book generics way too often. It also takes him way too long to give it’s villains their introductions, presenting too many elements which he never follows up on or just simply refuses to elaborate. The entire reasoning between Enchantress’ & her brother’s evil plan makes no sense at all. Never ind, just details, right David? Ayer struggles greatly in the third act where he has to¬† construct action scenes. It’s action and it are scenes, but they are unexciting, messy and dull.


Where there is Harley Quinn, there needs to be Mr. J. and thankfully there is. Even though it establishes the relationship between The Joker and Harley Quinn pretty well, the screen time of Leto makes it very questionable why Ayer and Warner Bros. made it seem he was an imperative piece in the narrative. Leto makes a very solid Joker and thankfully chooses to do something completely different. The scene with The Joker and Harley Quinn battling it out briefly with Batman are a treat though, because it are such trademark moments that makes this triangle so interesting. Speaking of Batman & co, Ayer does a pretty OK job when it comes to establishing the DC universe and trying to connect Suicide Squad with previous and upcoming projects.


Suicide Squad has a lot of flaws and shows that there’s a lot of work to do for DC comics to even to be able to compete with Marvel. And maybe the first thing DC should do is NOT try to compete. However even though there’s a lot wrong with Suicide Squad, there are also things to love and Margot Robbie is the biggest reason why and she and her comrades make Suicide Squad pretty fun. DC needs their own Kevin Feige to take that next step and taking that leap of faith. Letting Refn make his Wonder Woman project would have been a step into that direction. Bummer.

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