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‘Adieu au Langage’ (Goodbye to Language) review



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Innovative. Obstinate. Godard.


Not accessible at all.

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When you have to describe Jean-Luc Godard words as ground-breaking, obstinate, self-minded and all comparable terms. After Socialisme Godard seemed just smug and pretentious, but with Adieu au Langage Godard proves he still has interesting things to say. Still being able to re-define cinema and truck his audience with his distinctive, brazen and innovative vision. This time he makes the switch to 3D. That’s a guarantee for something interesting and no way it’s a money-making gimmick for Godard, and it isn’t.


Godard pushes and moves the boundaries of cinema with his innovative imagery and trickery and also pushes the limits with the possibilities of 3D technology. The spectacles and lense techniques really push the technology and our human senses to the limit and it’s even so overwhelming it literally makes your head spin. 3D also gives Godard the opportunity to do so much more with word play and that isn’t a superfluous luxury when your main subject is (decomposition of) language/communication. Like the 3-dimensional Adieu (goodbye) transforming in a AH Dieu(x) (meaning oh God(s)).

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Adieu au Langage is a compilation of ‘sketches’ variating from historical events, famous quotations, color washes, classic movies and all. The color schemes all over the place and Godard doesn’t give a thing about realism, a word too many directors/cinematographers have highlighted in their notebooks but Godard doesn’t want any part of it. Godard distorts perception in devastating fashion. Godard has re-invented his own innovativity. The notion that post 60’s or better said the modern Godard has been a caricature of his prime self can be labeled as nonsense. What Godard establishes with Adieu au Langage isn’t less innovative than what he achieved decades ago with ‘his’ nouvelle vague movement.


If you are a conformed traditional filmbuff, leave it and safe yourself the frustration. For those who appreciate film as a visual artform and applaud innovation and expirimenting this is for you. Godard is still as own willed as in his prime and still re-invents and pushes the boundaries of cinema. Not to be missed, take an aspirine with you, just in case.

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Breaking through cinema one movie at a time. Aesthetics above all, Antonioni, Malick & Godard are the G.O.A.T.s. I have a gargantuan soft spot for Vanessa Hudgens. Benoit Debie = THE cinematographer. Don't make war, make art.


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